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A digital marketing manager plays an essential role in the advertising of any business. Whether a small restaurant or a billion dollar corporation, the digital marketing manager helps spread the word of the business and spearhead digital outreach. The job itself is a relatively new job description, but as the need to rely on digital marketing has grown, so too has the need for a business to increase its digital presence. 

What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Typically Do

Different businesses may have slight variations to the job description of a digital marketing manager. Larger companies may have an SEO manager, mobile marketing manager and others who work directly under the digital marketing manager. Smaller firms may fold it all into the responsibilities of the digital marketing manager. Beyond this though, there is a generalized digital marketing manager job description. 

The position requires an individual to create strategies and map out ways to drive online traffic to the business website. This includes not only increasing traffic but tracking conversion rates through the assortment of marketing channels. By doing so, a company can identify what outreach methods are working and proving to be the greatest return on marketing investments. 

A digital marketing manager will work with his or her team to develop and manage all digital marketing campaigns. This will include a host of different online advertising principles, including PPC and SEO. 

The position requires the digital marketing manager to look into new technologies to keep the business at the forefront of marketing potential while planning out the digital marketing budget. They will also help improve the design, concept, and usability of all company websites. 

Potentially Additional Job Requirements

The digital marketing manager job description may require the position holder to manage and oversee social media strategy. Some companies may have a separate social media marketing manager who does this, but this typically is exclusively for larger businesses. 

Large companies may have an SEO manager, social media marketing manager and a separate traditional marketing manager (such as for print, radio, and television). The digital marketing manager must work with these other positions in order to come up with a unified marketing approach across the entire brand. This way, what the company markets in a magazine works in unison with what a client sees on Google or in an email. 

Requirements For The Job

When searching for the right digital marketing manager, there are a handful of desired requirements to keep in mind. Some of these requirements include:

– At least a bachelor’s (if not a master’s) degree in marketing, computer science, analytics or a similar field

– Experience managing SEO, PPC and affiliate programs

– An understanding of modern marketing concepts, strategies, what successful companies are utilizing and how to implement these marketing practices for the company in question

– Knowledge and the ability to work in e-commerce, utilize email marketing and social media marketing strategies

Computer Skills

A digital marketing manager will need to possess a host of computer skills. Beyond the ability to use the Microsoft Office Suite, knowledge of web programming will prove beneficial. While this position does not typically include Web design, knowledge of search engine optimization will allow them to implement changes to the website in order to boost SEO. The ability to use Google Analytics is highly desirable, as it is the go-to method for identifying patterns in web traffic while indicating what keywords and marketing methods are performing well (or not performing as desired). The ability to work in many social media services is also desired, especially if the company does not employ a social media director. 

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