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Alex Jones over at DZone has put together an array of software useful blogs and websites for developers, 17 of them to be exact. Here’s a quick breakdown of his favorites and what they offer to the software tester. Guru99 offers learning resources for testing security and performance of mobile and enterprise platforms. Software Testing Help is a blog covering automation and manual testing topics. StickyMinds is an interactive user community of software testers that will help you with testing issues. Software Testing Class has learning resources for software testing. AbodeQA has a plethora of testing information from seasoned software professionals, and allows users to contribute articles to their website. Execute Automation is the top site for automating your software testing. Learn-Automation focuses on topics in Automation and Selenium, and is popular on social media. Joe Colantonio offers free information on open source test tools, performance and automation software testing. Software Testing Material is true to its name and is great for beginners. ToolsQA provides resources than can shorten the new coder’s learning time; these include step-by-step instructions. Software Test Pro focuses on trends in the industry. Software Testing Club is just like the name says, it’s a club to meet and talk about software testing with other coders. The Test Eye is put together by experts in the field and offers a top-notch recommendation section. Software Testing Tricks provides its visitors useful testing tips and tricks. James Bach’s Blog or Satisfice, Inc. and Software QA Test are two sites that are dedicated to testing and QA. And last but not the least, Software Testing Magazine is a weekly blog that has all the latest news on software testing available for free.

Key Points:

  • 1There are many resources on the internet that technology seeking individuals can access that are great learning resources.
  • 2It is nice to have a convenient blog page that will help summarize and rank great information technology websites.
  • 3Don’t be afraid to seek out answers to your technology related questions on the internet.

Guru99 is one of the best learning resources that you should follow to enhance your skills. It has a huge repository of tutorials and knowledge related to test management, performance testing, enterprise testing, mobile testing, security testing, and many other topics.

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