Its time to Innovate:

Introducing PIAS Partner Platform:

Platform Innovation As a Service


Big companies don’t innovate well. Its not they fault its the nature of being big. When you have multi-billion dollar P and L. 5 to 25 million dollar plays don’t get resources and this is just good fiduciary responsibility by the C-suite.

Thus large companies have overpaid for the companies and talent that it takes stay relevant or for the consulting it takes to innovate around their game changing problems.

We think this a problem worth solving. . . We think there can a best of both worlds.

Don’t be a Dinosaur fighting other Dinosaurs

We combine innovative companies, disruptive technologies and new revenue models into real
world applications that make organization changing impact.


We build a innovation calendar and hub built on Rockefeller habits.

We set a 3 year vision for the goals of innovation.

We build a calendar of 90 day sprints to the problems we solve and we have 4 Application / Innovation pitches to that culminate to solve the problems we have identified.

We build out two week management meeting checkins with our partners to manage the
deployment and adoption of our new technology.

We identify with our partners whether to partner, purchase or build the solutions they need for
those technologies.

We build out and manage an technology platform for our partners.

We help our clients measure and drive the return on impact on our PIAS program.


Our Ecosystems is a platform of programmatic and disciplined problem identification can be resourced to big Pharma, Providers and Medical Device using the Aura’s best practices of:

• Problem Identification
• Project Definition
• Integration
• Agile Adoption
• Change Management
• Resource DNA Matching
• Application Development