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Programming is definitely complicated. And unfortunately, it’s a seemingly never-ending race to practice new skills as the latest programming environments leave existing skills not quite, if at all, transferring over without effectively requiring new training. Mobile applications have taken a huge chunk of the market for software solutions consumers are looking to have put in their hands, but programming for mobile apps is very different from programming for the desktop or server environment. New obstacles must be conquered when a developer lays out a mobile app, from what it does to how it’ll do it. For example, even though mobile devices are growing increasingly more capable, consistent network connections and limitations of the CPU or memory the device running the app might be subjected to require a different approach. Worse, modern app consumers are increasingly impatient with apps that don’t measure up to their standards. Those consumers will jump ship at almost the moment they find fault in an app they’re looking at on their phone or tablet.

Xamarin is a set of developer tools that look to ease some of that burden on developers. Through it, a variety of new solutions can be brought to bear on the mobile development space, and hopefully get the next generation of apps out the door on time and under budget.

Key Points:

  • 1ReactiveUI combines the idea of an observer design pattern and the ReactiveX API to improve mobile app experience
  • 2ReactiveUI is available for Xamarin and is simple to integrate into an app
  • 3ReactiveUI can update and filter lists dynamically without interruption and can handle user login pages

Many developers, especially those who have been coding enterprise applications for years, may think they can easily shift into mobile development. That might be true for some, but the mobile world is different; there are many additional obstacles to deal with. These include unreliable Internet connections, hardware limitations and — most important — the need for a responsive UX.

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