We help clients realize that value creation technology applied to their business can deliver. Our strategy of creating a three year vision and innovation plan with quarterly sprints that mimic Rockefeller habits to achieve the goal of building the companies value stream to its clients which can be measured in the overall impact we make in revenue per employee.

Our Business Consulting system is named Platform Innovation As a Service or as we like to call it. PIAS


We believe that our job is to solve problems clients sometimes don’t even know they have. Its not about building applications selling technology its about leveraging technology for dynamic growth and return on impact.

Big companies don’t innovate well. Its not their fault its the nature of being big. When you have multi-billion dollar P and L. A 5 to 25 million dollar opportunities doesn’t get resources and this is just good fiduciary responsibility by the C-suite.

Yet it is these small opportunities that create the next big opportunities for the larger companies.

This is why larger companies watch for the companies and talent that it takes stay relevant in huge multipliers for the companies they acquire or for the consulting it takes to innovate around their game changing problems.

We think this a problem worth solving… We think there can be a best of both worlds.

We combine innovative strategies, disruptive technologies and new revenue models into real world applications that make organization changing impact as a discipline


We build an innovation calendar and innovation team built on systemic measured impact.

We set a 3 year vision for the goals of innovation and benchmark its achievements with a combined team of internal and external champions of change. We believe in the power of 12 quarters to change the life of an organization.

We build a calendar of 90 day sprints to identify the problems needing to be solved and we have 4 innovation sprints that culminate to solve the problems we have identified and make dynamic impact in the organization.

We build out two monthly management meeting checkins with our partners to manage the deployment and adoption of our new technology.

We identify with our partners whether to partner, purchase or build the solutions they need for those technologies.

We build out and manage an technology platform for our partners.

We help our clients measure and drive the return on impact on our PIAS program.


Our platform of disciplined problem identification can be resourced to allow companies the disciplined application of technology to drive results using the Aura’s best practices of:

Problem Identification

We work our clients to focus their time and resources on the prioritization of the greatest impact projects to fund, energize and drive to completion.

Project Definition

We help our clients identify the most important minimum viable product to make the greatest return on impact and prioritize the project management accordingly.

Agile Adoption and Change Management

We build out internal plans of messaging and development to allow our clients to take full advantage of the technology being adopted to create the fastest return on impact.

Growth Hacking

We help our clients find new ways to build lead generation strategies using content marketing, social media and low cost labor solutions to drive down cost of acquisition.

Funnel Development

We help our clients create fully integrated e-mail marketing, marketing automation and CRM solutions that give them full visibility into the life and health of the sales and marketing pipeline.

We believe in the Abundance that technology can create… Peter Diamandis’s 6 D’s of Innovation are something we use with all our clients.

It is the disciplines we use to apply all of our clients to help them stay on the cutting edge their markets.

We help our clients baseline their efficacy leveraging technology and the build out minimum viable tests that lead to minimum viable products that can be used to create more and more value for their clients, reduce costs and grow sales.

It is starting with the end in mind and getting simple easy wins project by project that show up in the bottom and top line.