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Every business should be using social media in 2018. Not only is it one of the most powerful marketing tools today, but it’s also useful for customer service, improving your reputation, and enhancing customer loyalty.

But remember,  Facebook isn’t the only channel you should be using. With so many new social media websites showing up, it can be hard to figure out where your business needs to be active. Here are the best social media sites for businesses.

1) Facebook

Despite some controversy last year, Facebook is still by far the most popular social media platform in 2018. The social network brings in over 164 million mobile users a month, with another 100 million using Facebook Messenger.

Businesses can create a page on Facebook to post updates, respond to customers, and provide information. You’re likely to get a more significant following here than anywhere else, making it the best site for social media marketing.

A lot of companies now also use Facebook Messenger for direct marketing, delivering ads to followers. It can also allow you to respond to customer complaints fast.

2) Instagram

Instagram is the second most popular social media site in 2018. The platform revolves around visual content, which, on the whole, draws users in much more than plain-text content.

Businesses often use Instagram to post photos of their products. You can also display interesting visuals like infographics or quote/fact pictures. A lot of Instagram users follow their favorite brands on there, so pumping out photos and videos to interest your readers promotes more customer engagement.

3) Twitter

Twitter, primed for short, fast updates, is a useful platform for giving necessary service updates or notices to your customers. It’s also the best place to carry out your customer service. 

Consumers often turn to Twitter to complain to companies, and 72% expect a response within an hour. Businesses that provide outstanding customer support on Twitter are likely to get more followers and maybe even go viral.

Twitter is also a fantastic place for promotions. You might want to host a competition or offer 5% off their next purchase with you for anyone who follows your brand

4) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number-one professional social network. Most people use it to network and find job opportunities.

If you’re looking to hire people, LinkedIn is an excellent place to start. You can post a job advertisement and instantly see the credentials of anyone who applies.

You can also build up a network of other people in your industry and share your high-quality professional content with followers.

5) YouTube

YouTube is the second-most popular site on the internet, beaten only by Google. As such, every business needs to use this site to market themselves.

Creating valuable video content can get you vast amounts of traffic, and you can direct people to your site. Video tutorials, fun adverts, and meme clips all make a big impression.

Although not always considered a social network, YouTube has many social features, and you can build your following by commenting on other relevant channels.


Whether running a small startup or an established company, everyone can benefit from these social media sites. Each one serves a unique purpose, and different types of content can perform better on specific networks. With these five, you’ll have all your bases covered.

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