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Credibility and being properly heard is extremely important to anyone who is giving talks or is trying to relay important messages. There are several key factors which come into play when you want to appear the most credible during a presentation. Some of the mistakes people make include smiling too much. This may make your audience think that you are not being genuine or you are being fake and will lose them quickly.

Another pitfall one can make it being entirely too energetic. Energy is good, but you must not overwhelm people or they may tune out from your talk. Another thing you can avoid is winking during presentations, it makes people believe that you are not being fully transparent about your topic. You should also look to keep your pace as stable as possible. Speeding up or slowing down too much can cause confusion and lose your credibility.

You should also watch your body language. Things like fidgeting can take away attention from your actual talk and divert it into whatever it is what your body is doing. Like being too energetic, being too stoic or quiet can also have detrimental effects. You want to find a middle ground when you present. Lastly, you want to keep your voice pitch stable, not going too high or too low when delivering important points.

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There are many places on Earth that, in all different countries with different shapes and sizes, that innovation cultivates itself in varying levels of expertise. Several of these innovative ideas that have come to fruition comes from copious amounts of different cities around the world.

Here are a few; Barcelona Tech City, Station F residing in Paris, Buenos Aires (Technological District), Industry City, the Naval Yard, and Greenpoint all within Brooklyn. Each of these cities has undergone some transformation of these places in order to create new uses out of these older or possibly economically unequal places of living and work. These newly improved locations offer many various boons to its respective ecosystems and the way that many live and work in their specific fields.

Innovation can help the businesses themselves by prompting an increase in workforce, payment, and even general business growth. To further spur innovations, an example can be taken from Greenpoint Brooklyn, where Adidas put one of its few global locations to take roots. Restructuring advertising whilst outside, Colossal Media takes paint and creates amazing art. When launching their artwork, their work tends to accumulate quite large groups of people to come and assess their work. This leads to the restructuring of the community, and usually is because of the innovative market that goes on around these places.

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Writing a compelling brand story is hard, but it’s not impossible once you understand what elements you need to include. It’s time to reach your audience on an emotional level, and to get your audience to connect with your brand in a unique way. Marketing changes all the time. When you are able to restructure your marketing approach to create a message that reaches your audience, you’ll be more successful. When you find that your message is not producing the effect you want, it’s time to look at how you can change your brand story.

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In daily life, it is important to find ways to develop relationships and improve communication with not only the people we care about the most, but with those we have long-term work or social connections. Most of the time when we greet each other, we don’t put a whole lot of thought into improving that interaction but with just a bit of forethought it can open up new possibilities.

The standard greeting of, “How are you?” doesn’t contribute much. It invites one-word answers, shallow responses, and doesn’t carry much real interest. It has become a trite expression that breeds monotony. If instead, we started asking creative, open-ended questions when greeting each other, those connections will be strengthened.

Five alternatives are presented for the standard “How are you?” greeting. The first option infuses positive energy into the situation. A simply stated, “What are you most looking forward to in your day?” entices the listener to delve deep into the positive well within. Any variation of this question can be made as long as it leads to introspection and improved exchanges of information.

The second option, “What work is most exciting you this week?” is great for the workplace, and increases learning and productivity and the exchange of information that has a chance to then bud and prosper. It also builds rapport and a common bond between workers. The next option, “What new ideas are giving you energy lately?” taps into the creative flow and allows it to be shared. Creativity is a valuable commodity and increases when it is communicated to others. Ideas can be bounced back and forth in new ways. The next option, “Tell me one thing you’ve learned recently that inspired you?” taps into the sources of inspiration that motivate us. Sharing these ideas leads to very positive expressions and increased energy and motivation. Finally, “What is one thing we could do right now to make this day better?” can be adapted to the current situation, whether it be working on a project or being at a special event. It allows us together to enter the problem-solving mode and make improvements instead of just noticing them and not saying anything.

In conclusion, one can improve relationships with the use of open-ended questions instead of questions that only require one-word answers. It opens up the relationship to a whole new level.

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Developers and managers were surveyed about their overall job satisfaction and the results are in. Overall, managers had a more optimistic outlook over developers and here are some of the highlights. More managers than developers felt that their teams were set up to succeed, were given realistic deadlines and had project expectations set up front. Managers also felt that their team had the authority to make decisions, their ideas were heard and valued, and their teams had the best access to tools more so than the developers.

Among the challenges faced in the workplace when adopting new processes or tools, the top three were replacing ingrained practices, resistance to change, and cross-team communication. Inadequate workforce training and lack of leadership support also scored in the top five challenges.

What needs to be learned about this is how to communicate and what are the roadblocks that impede good communication. These solutions can range anywhere from organizational changes to outside social activities. Unfortunately, a lot of the times these challenges were associated with a much more large-scale problem like compensation and respect for each other’s work.

What we know is that this problem is very stubborn, predictable and yet very hard to solve.

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