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Being a solo entrepreneur isn’t as hard and as easy as it may seem to be. There are good things about being solopreneur like representing your own brand consistently and possibly making an impact on people’s lives but at the same time it can be hard because all the decisions are on you.

There are many different ways to make your brand succeed by using social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn have many different groups, which you should join and can help you build your presence online and authority for your brand. It’s important to make your profile catch people’s attention, be fun and creative.

Take advantage of all these different social media websites to help you to advertise your brand. Another good example of social media is Instagram.  On Instagram, it’s important to use your own personal profile because people like to see how you live and what you do every single day. People love to pry and it would be easier for them to relate and a bigger possibility to make your brand more likable.

Lastly, you should set up Google alerts with your name, your brand, your company name and set the alerts for target keywords. This way it will be easy to track your own positioning. It’s very easy to set up and it’s free. Also, there are application tools in social media which can notify you when your brand name was mentioned. Using that tool, you will never miss an opportunity to respond to anyone.

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Many people in business today are finding that practicing meditation benefits their work. Meditation helps people cope with uncertainty, risk, and stress in business. Ray Dalio, Marc Benioff, and Fred Wilson, are examples of successful businessmen who practice meditation techniques.

Ray Dalio of Bridgewtater associates spoke of an exponential reward from his meditation efforts on his book “Principles”. Marc Benioff, co-founder and CEO of, seeks to clear his head of built up stress. While Fred Wilson, a successful venture capitalist, claims meditation helps him to better avoid distraction.

People like Elizabeth and Sukey Novogratz, authors of the book Just Sit: A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should But Don’t (HarperCollins, 2017), are convinced that there is a scientific basis for meditation. According to the Novogratzs, meditation impacts the prefrontal cortex, the hippocampus, and the amygdala areas of the human brain during a session. They also believe that meditation can prevent or delay the effects of Alzheimer’s disease by thickening the prefrontal cortex.

Sukey’s husband Mike Novogratz, a meditator and runs Galaxy Investments, he is engaged in the enterprise of cryptocurrency. He practices meditation and is a good test subject. He joined a ten-day meditation retreat.

Another follower of meditation is Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square. Dorsey said that his attendance at a meditation retreat made him ready for another business year.

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When thinking of building a brand or launching a product, it is better to have a specific type of buyer in mind rather than a vague idea. Companies may fail because of a less targeted approach to the consumer. This is where the importance of a buyer persona comes into play. The buyer persona is an identity that appeals to a specific individual that you may have in mind.

The beauty of a buyer persona is that it doesn’t necessarily need to have a ton of research behind it. It is a view of your consumer that provides insight and meaning. The importance of knowing what your consumer will want before offering them something they may want is paramount. With this ideal in mind, you are saving time and work that doesn’t necessarily need to be done in the first place.

Knowing exactly who your customer is more helpful than a general idea. Building that buyer persona allows you to make the customer feel like you are needed. A small scope of that demographic doesn’t allow you to fully appeal to the consumer but rather become another product in the sea of a million of same.

Having a customer base that is loyal and willing to continually use your product is now an easy task. Having a whole idea concept about specifically who you are selling to is what turns that person from a potential buyer into a champion of your product.

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For a company to succeed at innovation, they really need to change how they think. Innovation doesn’t happen in a room with a whiteboard and innovation posters and coffee mugs all around. The idea that only a selected few are truly capable of coming up with innovative ideas has to be discarded.

A successful company will need to open up communications and build trust between all levels of employees in their company. Activities that help employees learn and find new ways to process information are a starting point for creating the atmosphere for the change in thinking that will make innovation happen. Free, creative thinking from everyone also needs an attentive audience. It doesn’t help to come with great ideas if no one is watching or is too busy to notice. The fear of coming forth with risky propositions needs to be eliminated.

Businesses at present don’t innovate well, and the claims that they do are mostly empty. This has a lot to do with the fear of having their ideas rejected. The way to eliminate fear is to get employees talking to each other and feeling safe to voice their ideas, however improbable they might be. Ideas, even improbable ones, can be built on, and sharing ideas opens up the mind to even greater possibilities. Start with open internal social media so different departments can see what their co-workers are doing.

Build trust between the workers with company gatherings and brainstorming sessions that are apart from the normal work schedule. Allow employees to share all of their ideas about moving the company forward. Only then can true innovation start to happen in a company.

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The number of users of the open source Nexus Repository Manager is currently in millions after growing roughly 68% since last year. The Sonatype team has changed the way that software is developed and viewed as a whole. With an employee renter ion rate of over 95% compared to an average of 77% from other teams is more than impressive but outstanding.

The Sonatype team is remote but focuses on results. Future engagement levels can be assessed based on their current A+ rating and the efficiency of work teams. The results are oftentimes surprising because most people believe that people have to work “face to face” or that people will only be goofing off and neglecting their work expectations if they are not in the same room. With Sonatype team members, there is a structure for accountability and to measure results without having to be in the same room.

All communications are monitored via email, video chat, instant message etc. So a conversation with a supervisor, his subordinate and CEO can all be completed within a specific time period because all communications are equidistant. There are many advantages including ad hoc work and the possibility for recruitment is endless.

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