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The founder of a company, especially a first-time founder, must be ready to learn from anywhere and anyone with something to teach. Sometimes that means being ready and willing to move both the business and your own home to a better market when the time comes. Some cities or regions can offer a good starting point to get a business or other venture off the ground, but then become extremely constraining after some initial growth. Read more

Jeff Bezos takes a page from a science fiction novel as his company brings artificial intelligence to the realm of existence. Jeff has brought together an innovative think tank team of talented and gifted minds. They are currently working on creating an innovative artificial intelligence system that will be used to help customers solve problems. Called the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, the program will soon be tackling problems related to machine learning in the cloud. Read more

As a small business owner, one of the greatest challenges is always chasing around cash to keep the business going. Customers that want to delay their payments can make this challenging. There are ways to make them speed up their payments, which would be by automating them. By getting a good POS system, you can reduce errors. Example of which is when you give some customers five years to pay. You save yourself the time and hassle of disputes. Because when you have a good POS system, you are not disputing anything. Read more

Everyone has their own tactics, or lack thereof, for how they deal with their email inbox. Some of us let it all just sit, others will categorize and file things away. Gmail offers a lot of space, but it also provides some powerful tools to avoid letting the inbox just turn into a cluttered collection of what’s been sent to you. Priority inbox is a feature offered by Gmail that sorts your incoming emails into four broad categories. The categories are Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates. Read more

Any customer is a good customer when you’re just a small business, right? Well, not exactly. If you’re a small business owner, you probably know how important it is to grow your client base and keep them coming back. However, some customers are just more trouble than they’re worth. Small businesses tend to interact more closely with their clients, so dealing with a bad one can leave you in a pretty tricky spot. These exchanges really can be more trouble than they’re worth regarding your time, money, and reputation. Watch out for these 10 types of customer that your small business should avoid. Read more

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