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When it comes to online conversion optimization, you need to have an arsenal of techniques that are proven to work through history. Luckily, you can follow the steps laid out below to enjoy more sales and conversion of all kinds. However, if you neglect the strategies mentioned you will lose market share and conversion rates and your competitor will steal your customers. Do the following to improve your online business’s bottom line:


  1. Customer Profile

The profit is in the profile. Remember this phrase. You cannot profit more than you are now and bump up your overall conversions without understanding your customer on a deep level. Each prospect is unique because every person is, but your ideal target market will all share fundamental traits in common. Determine what connects your audience and you will begin to unfold the secret to selling more. Look for trends and patterns such as age, location, education, and more and then attempt to focus on your most profitable customer profile going forward.


  1. Niche Analysis

Sometimes, your problem with conversions is in your niche. You need to identify if your niche is too competitive and if the size of companies you are going against is too large. If you’re going against a giant in the industry, then you may not have the marketing budget to offer certain discounts and incentives. When your customer shops around they will notice the drastic price difference and it could negatively affect your sales. Know when it’s time to move on.


  1. Attention Getter

You need a quality headline and ad to attract the attention necessary. If you think about it, the headline is the top of your funnel. If no one is aware of your product and doesn’t click through to your sales page, you’ll never convert anything. In order to grab attention in the best way, put the most primary benefit right up front in the headline. If you don’t stop them in their tracks with that headline, nothing will. Never wait until the end of your sales letter or next page to discuss what you can do for your prospect. After all, if they don’t take the bait with the first contact, they won’t see the rest anyway.


  1. Interest Builder

Built interest through asking unique rhetorical questions that point out to your audience that they have a problem. Make it clear that they have a problem. Then make that problem bigger than it seems to them right now. Help them understand all the ways their current situation is costing them time, money, and happiness. By doing this, you put yourself in a situation to make them interested. But this part isn’t going to be as persuasive as the next part. You’ve got to make them listen first. Then you can demonstrate that you have a relevant solution.


  1. Desire Campaign

Use imagery such as taste, touch, action, smell, and feeling. This will get your customer feeling desire toward your product or service. This will improve your conversions drastically.


  1. Follow-up

Don’t forget to follow-up with your customers after they have bought. Far too many companies make the mistake of leaving their customers in the cold. Don’t think that just because they bought they will like your company or service. You need to continue to take care of them. Sometimes, that is as simple as sending them emails and telling them about new offers or updating them in the industry. Education is a service, so is entertainment. And as long as you stay in front of your customers in some format, be it email, phone, or otherwise, you can provide them with solutions to their problems going forward.


  1. Referrals

Your job is to ask your customers for referrals. This is anyone they know who could benefit from the service you provide. If you don’t ask, you will never get referrals. If you ask, then you run the chance that the referrals will increase your conversion rate. And as you probably know, a higher conversion rate equals higher sales numbers almost every time.


The role of conversions in your business is crucial to your success. If you think about it, each conversion represents not just one sale but many possible sales. When you take the effect of referrals and word of mouth marketing you begin to realize why conversions are more than meet the eye. Also, sites Google are responsible for ranking your website. In order to evaluate how relevant your site is (and rank you higher), they depend on low bounce rates, which means having a great conversion rate that keeps people clicking and engaging on your site. Therefore, there are indirect benefits of higher conversions and also penalties for low conversions that could send your site to the bottom of the search results if you’re not careful.

When it comes to selling and converting more online, there are no easy and cheap tricks. One or two headlines will not create an entire business for you. However, if you work hard and identify what your market wants then follow through on all of the rest of the steps, you will put yourself in a position to grow your company. Implement what you have learned for a more healthy business online

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