Month: October 2018

Microsoft IT Showcase

Ever wonder how Microsoft does IT? IT Showcase provides an inside scoop on the world of Microsoft IT. With updates on when and how Microsoft develops new technology solutions and products, you’ll have the details on what Microsoft is up to across its own enterprise environment.

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Digital transformation with Microsoft

In this inspirational video, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses the role of technology in our lives and how people can use it to shape the future. Consider your own thoughts on technology in today’s digitally transforming world and how it is impacting your customers.

Using AI to improve customer experience

While it may seem that people will never be surpassed by machines in their ability to deliver great customer service, that assumption is being challenged. Although we’re not quite there, Azure AI services have created easily integrated customer service bots, machine learning, and cognitive services that any organization can use.

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The future of intelligent cities powered by Azure IoT

IoT management systems from DimOnOff are helping to create smart cities with reduced resource spend. They use Azure AI to help manage their data, and you can do the same. Azure has a host of apps that make your experience with AI effortless and positive. Even with the features of Azure, transitioning to a cloud-based platform can be intimidating, that’s why Aura Innovation is here to help you along your journey to the cloud. Contact us for more.

Energy intelligence: renewables.AI

Renewables.AI maximizes their data to make solar power affordable and infrastructure better for cities and citizens. With Azure Databricks, they can reduce resources and costs associated with scaling clusters manually by autoscaling up and down with their needs. Renewables.AI can even auto-terminate inactive clusters to save resources.