Month: September 2018

Artificial Intelligence for the Real World

A Deloitte survey says 47% of executives cite integration with existing infrastructures as a major barrier to entry with AI. At Aura Innovation, we know a way to help you integrate an AI platform without causing a major disruption to your business. Azure AI enhances the functionality, development, and maintenance of your applications. Check out this article on how AI can be implemented into your business and contact us to find out how we can help you integrate Azure AI.

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Malarenergi is leading the way in transformation of the energy market in the Nordics

Can you imagine cutting your power bill in half? Malarenergi, a Swedish energy company, is using Azure AI to help power cities. If Azure AI can be used for a business like Malarenegi, imagine what it could do for yours. Azure is an easy-to-use AI platform that is both economical and relevant to every business. Contact us at Aura Innovation to learn how we can help your business unlock the power of AI and check out this short video about Malarenergi.

It’s A Numbers Game — Why Data and Analytics Are Critical For Growth

According to a study from Dresner Advisory Services, small and mid-size enterprise businesses are the most aggressive of all businesses in their plans for analytics adoption. Aura Innovation wants to help your business understand your data. By integrating Azure cloud services, your organization can build multi-platform apps. Use any of the hundreds of extensions and themes that help integrate your apps with Azure cloud services. Contact Aura Innovation and read this article for more.

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PRS for Music turns up its capabilities with Azure

PRS processes over 6 trillion music uses per year. That kind of usage would be too expensive to track normally, but with Azure, PRS can record all of those uses in record time and at a low cost. With Azure you can save up to 72 percent over pay-as-you-go pricing with an upfront one- or three-year commitment. You can even exchange or cancel at any time. Aura Innovation wants to help you adopt Azure. Contact us and check out this video on how PRS is helping artists collect royalties.

How the Cloud Transforms Industries

The power of the cloud can’t be denied, but is your company taking advantage of everything it has to offer? Aura Innovation wants to help your team become more productive. Azure allows you to easily migrate storage from on-premises to the cloud using File Sync and StorSimple. Purpose-built infrastructures allow you to customize based on your specific storage needs so your team isn’t wasting time. Contact us to find out how we can bring your team to another level of productivity.

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Seamless app completes award-winning omnichannel experience

Lindex is changing the way they do fast fashion by getting a quality app into the hands of their customers. Lindex uses Azure to quickly turn ideas into solutions so they can get up and running quickly. You can build applications with the language of your choice, including Node.js, Java, .NET, and more so you can use what you already know and love. Let Aura Innovation help you integrate Azure for a seamless transition. Contact us for more.

How You Work Together Is How You Win Together

Think communication within your team could be better? Location, connectivity, and infrastructure all play a part in how efficiently your team communicates. Aura Innovation wants to help your team get the tools they need to communicate well. With Office 365, your employees can connect with the right people, share information across teams, and organize around projects so they can go further, faster. Contact Aura Innovation and check out this article for more.

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Family food business spices up operations, reduces new device implementation time by 50 percent

How does your business improve teamwork? Garner Foods integrates Office 365 so their employees and sales representatives all over the world have the tools they need to make the dream work. With Office 365 you can host online meetings with audio and video, screen sharing, and HD video conferencing. There’s an unlimited amount of potential with Office 365, and Aura Innovation wants to help you foster that same high level of teamwork. Contact us for more information and check out this video.

AI Business Basics

AI, one of the most exciting technologies being adopted by businesses today, also happens to be one of the most misunderstood. This e-book aims to clear that up by laying out the basics of AI. You’ll learn what it is and how it can make your organization smarter and more efficient, helping you do such things as create breakthrough customer experiences, leverage data insights to drive productivity and so much more. So, give it a read, then contact Aura Innovation so we can help you leverage Microsoft Azure AI to start bringing some of those possibilities to life for your business.

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