Month: June 2018

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella On The Extraordinary Potential Of AI

The potential of AI won’t be realized unless AI takes its place within the set of Azure-centered services within the Microsoft portfolio, at least that’s what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes. According to him, AI is set to usher in a new age of computing. At the forefront of rapid advancement within the AI industry, users will also see the benefits of maximizing their data by harnessing the power of the AI infrastructure of Azure. Contact Aura Innovation to find out more.

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Project Emma: Interview with Dr. Haiyan Zhang

At Aura Innovation, we know Azure is leading the way for advancements in AI. With AI and Machine Learning, researchers have been able to give hope to people all around the globe. For Parkinson’s survivor, Emma, AI and Azure have given her the ability to write, something she never thought she would be able to do again. Imagine what Azure can do for your business. Check out this video and see how AI can help your organization.

Your Great Analytics Hire Was A Disappointment. Why?

If you think applying traditional hiring practices to your analytics position will be sufficient, you’re probably not going to make a good hire. Azure gives you the tools to cast a wider net when searching for candidates. Compatibility with most Windows or Linux technology-based workloads means you have a wider pool of candidates. Aura Innovation wants to help. Contact us to find out more and check out this article with tips for making the right analytics hire.

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Enbridge Customer Story

With a relentless focus on safety and reliability, Enbridge continually drives to enhance existing and advance new safety technologies. Partnered with Azure, Enbridge accelerated their digital transformation through the use of advanced analytics. With real-time analytics solutions and feedback, Enbridge is certain that their efforts are secure. Contact Aura Innovation to find out how we can help and check out this short video on how Enbridge uses Azure to analyze their data.

10 Key Takeaways From Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant For Cloud IaaS

According to Gartner, there are no more challengers left in the cloud market. Only a handful of leaders will drive cloud adoption from now on. It’s no wonder that Microsoft is one of those leaders. Because Azure runs on most Windows and Linux-based workloads, most IT pros are familiar with it–making Azure the logical choice for true professionals. At Aura Innovation, we want to help you in choosing the cloud service that’s right for you. Contact us and check out this article for more.

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Nonprofit Changes Lives with Help from Office 365

Nonprofits are just like any other business–they want to grow and reach a larger customer base. Just ask Operation Smile. It plans to use Microsoft and Azure cloud-based tools to ease the burden of surgical mission coordination and increase the quantity and quality of its training efforts. By embracing the cloud, Operation Smile can make a dramatic difference and reach more children across the globe. Watch this clip and contact Aura Innovation for more information.

6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do Every Morning

Marketing is something that may not come naturally to every person in the field. There are a number of characteristics that make some people more successful than others. Some of these include experience. Someone who has more experience than you has more knowledge of the work field and may seem to have an advantage. The first trait of a successful marketer is reading, they are able to stay up to date and read up on new findings, ideas and. trends. They keep in contact with their team members, doing this workflow will be easier and everyone is on the same page when starting a task.

This allows opportunities for questions and goal setting. Prioritizing is an important aspect for people in marketing. When there is so much to do on your list it is important to make sure you are tackling the tasks by their order of importance. These can include meetings, emails, tasks. By assigning task, the pile of work ahead seems more manageable. Delegating is also an important trait. Being able to allow someone else to help you with your work, you are able to focus more on important task and not being weighed down by things others can help with. Focus is important as well.

Turning off distractions will allow you to complete tasks once you start them and zone in on important work. Having a routine is important but mixing things up and experimenting with different routines can help boost productivity and find a different way that works for you. Applying these habits into your daily life will help make you more successful in marketing and better for your well being.

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Why Everything You Know About Business Education Is A Lie

Frederick Winslow Taylor is held in high regard for essentially creating modern business management as we know it. However, after some research into his claimed credentials, experts now contend that most of his groundbreaking, revolutionary ideas were purely made up. Worse, it seems that a lot of his experiences, from working in a pig iron factory to close and careful measurements and studies of human behavior, were done far less carefully than he lead his devoted followers to believe.

That said, Frederick Winslow Taylor did do a pretty good job of selling his ideas, and therein lies the true key to his concept of business management as we know it. Sure, maybe he fudged the number a bit, but he sold his product (himself) with such surety and conviction that nobody thought to stop and investigate the actual findings, data, hypothesis, or conclusions of any of his work. He did a wonderful job of selling his ideas; so well, that his followers never thought they couldn’t be true.

He followed the real thing one should learn from any good business school, which is that if you can sell something hard enough, convincingly enough, or passionately enough, you will probably be successful.

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