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4 Ways To Avoid Social Media Overload (Without Quitting Completely)

People are spending a great amount of time in their social media accounts. Sometimes people get consumed with cute video posts, friend’s vacation posts or even the number of likes in their account. Social media is not completely bad since it allows people to network and advance in their careers but sometimes it can take a lot of useful time if it is not used properly.

Going cold turkey on social media is not a good advice if you want to spend less time in your accounts. There are four simple ways in which people can reduce the time spent in their accounts.

The first option is to stay out of the social media accounts anytime before lunchtime. Maybe try to do something productive at the start of your day to stay on top of your daily duties and to set the tone for the rest of the day. The second option is to mute or unfollow but stay friends. Social media accounts like Facebook lets you unfollow friends and Twitter lets you mute people, this will essentially give you less distractions.

The third advice is to stop saving your login information in the website. Change your browsing setting so that it doesn’t save your credentials, that way it is harder for you to enter into your account. This prevents you to be constantly checking your profiles. Lastly, you can follow relevant groups or lists that share similar interest and also have useful content for you. For example, if you want to advance in your career, follow groups that give you tips on how to do so.

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Speak Up: A Guide To Getting Your Voice Heard At Work

Everybody wants to be heard. There are ways to getting your voice heard at work. Speak up and make sure that you speak with conviction. Try to avoid any filter words and those words would be “Um” “Like” and other phrases. Instead, replace them and make your points come across more important.

Next is speak with intention. Speak clear and speak to emphasize your points and address everybody that you want to address with your speech. You should not be afraid of pauses and you can use them to your advantage to reflect and think about what you’re going to say in that current time period.

Come prepared and don’t make your speech a long monologue. Frame whatever you’re saying into an interactive conversation with those involved with it.

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Fantastic Testers and How to Hire Them

Hiring the right tester is something that should receive sufficient thought and preparation beforehand. From the content of the job posting to the specific characteristics that you want to be able to identify in your candidates, the amount of thought that you put into preparing for your search will pay off in dividends down the road as you prevent burnout and protect your growing family of testers. For example, when posting the job opportunity, you need to post something that will both attract the right kind of person as well as prevent good potential testers from disqualifying themselves before you’ve had a chance to evaluate them.

Ask yourself if you are willing to hire someone who does not yet have testing experience. List specific processes in the daily aspect of the job. Provide details on the hierarchy of the company. Be direct in listing the qualities you are looking for upfront.

Keep in mind that there is no “correct” degree for a potential good tester, so listing qualities that you are interested in is better than listing experience that you are looking for. When you reach the next step of screening and interviewing applicants, train yourself to recognize individuals who are meticulous, organized, curious, creative, and those who refuse to give up.

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11 Powerful Customer Service Culture Catalysts (That Can Transform Your Company Results)

If you want to create a superior customer service and promote employee engagement at the same time. It’s time you build the foundation that supports and maintains it. How do we start creating and maintaining the customer service culture?

Start with a mission statement. A mission statement that is well written – short and memorable. What kind of environment we want to create. How will we help engage our employees and give them the confidence of empowerment to be able to make a decision even when the decision do not go as plan. We still want to encourage them to continue.

Also the hiring process screening and getting the best person we can so they fit into the culture and let them know the vision. Building the right culture is very important and the people that you hire is a big part of that success. It is stated that the mission statement should have the core principal and philosophy of the company. Big words but small enough to fit on a small card for every employee. Dealing with customers which this is what its all about. Build a customer service culture, using the tools and guidelines to create a strong culture among the team. Having daily huddles or lineups is also important to the culture. Have daily huddles and let a different employee take the lead when doing your huddles.

Have everyone involved, an “all-hands” approach in dealing with customer service. Encourage everyone in the department to be involved in solving an issue, identify what led to the problem to prevent it from happening in the future.  Give credit to where it’s due.

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5 Steps to Increase Your Sales Online

If you are looking to increase your sales online, then you need to implement a proven strategy. If you fail to use effective tactics, you will miss out on customers and your competition will take the market instead. To avoid losing valuable sales, follow the powerful steps below and start enjoying more success in your business than ever before.

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The Price Of Leadership

There are many leaders and managers that are out there who think the purpose of leadership is to direct people on what they should be doing in the workforce. Those sorts of leaders think their job is to order those around and tell them what to do. Make them their minions to follow around and do their bidding.

According to DZone, a study released in November 2016 linked the demand of the jobs to the amount of control the job had on a mortality rate. What was found and revealed was that those in high demand had very low controlling jobs, where the leader was directing you carried a 15.4% increase in the mortality rate than those who had the lower control.

The most surprising thing found was that those in high demand with high control positions where you would have a say so in what you do and how you work had a 34% decrease in the mortality rate. The main point of this article that was written was to let those know in charge that you should not takeover, instead just help out where it’s needed, if someone asked for help, you would lead them in the right direction where it’s possible for you to help them at.

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Branded Podcasts Are The Ads People Actually Want To Listen To

Podcasts are on the rise in America Media and becoming big business. Twenty-one percent of active online American audiences, which translates to a potential market of sixty-seven million people, subscribe to podcasts and they start as young as twelve years old. Podcast listeners are educated and affluent and that recently it has been revealed via a study conducted by NPR, ninety percent of subscribers are actively engaged in ads delivered by the advertisers associated with the podcast. NPR also found that seventy-five percent of those listeners took action on the sponsored message. Due to the rise of podcasts, revenue from advertisers associated with this media format is also on the rise and was up eighty-five percent from the previous year to the tune of two hundred and twenty million in revenue in 2017. There is a stable return on investment from advertising on podcasts, that Apple has actually started analytics to actively measure associated listeners. Big business has noticed that podcasts are active revenue generators, and names such as McDonald’s, Microsoft and GE have launched their own branded Podcasts to carry their message to people in the hopes that they become a captive consumer of their products and services. These corporate giants are trying to solidify their foothold in the marketplace with a one on one relationship with this media format. The dream come true, the captive consumer delivered.

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A Guide To Dealing With Difficult People

We all have dealt with difficult people. We’ve all been there in a way where it could be at school, work, when you’re out and about with people. Regardless we’ve all had to deal with people who can be difficult. There are multiple types of difficult people and you have to learn about their behaviors before you can actually deal with them. First, you have the Control Freaks who want to always do things, their way or the highway. You have the creative people who thought their ideas are the essential ones and if their ideas are not being used then it’s not worth their time. You have the aggressive and the defensive people who feel assertion can help move a group forward but those tendencies can have the opposite effect on a group dynamic. The final type of person is the Submissive person, and the lack of confidence that they can have can make you feel overall frustrated. From there you need to identify the issue and assets it from that point. Managing your reactions and leveraging for some self-control are different ways you can deal with this kind of people.

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Want to Get Something Done? Measure it

The article is about getting things done. The author, Jill Griffin, explains how you need to be able to measure something to better get it done. In interviewing several prominent people, the author found that one thing they had in common was that they Quantified their accomplishments.

There are advantages to quantifying and measuring your work and what you’ve accomplished. if you can put your accomplishments in numbers then you can put them on your resume to demonstrate what you’ve done. This provides a concrete example or evidence of your ability to get your job done. The same principle of being able to measure a job applies to a manager who assigns work to someone. It’s important that you offer a person who you are supervising a way of measuring how they are progressing on the job that you’re asking them to do.

Fitbit is a good example on tracking how you do. Fitbit helps you demonstrate how having specific numbers can help you to perform. The Fitbit is constantly keeping you up-to-date on how you are doing and you can compare the fitness information to previous days.

Make your results measurable and they’ll be more useful. Observe other people who do well and get help from them. Find your purpose and that will allow you to work longer and harder. Finally produce impact that is measurable because if you impact people notice.

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Emerging Trends in Corporate Learning

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, including the way we learn. For various reasons, however, corporate learning and training have lagged behind in some ways. Many companies are still using training models from the pre-digital era. Fortunately, this is changing, and there are signs that technology and new approaches to corporate learning are disrupting the world of corporate learning.

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