Views From Above

Sales and how you market yourself and your company are very important. If you are a CEO of a company, not only do you need to know the important information about your company and your products or services but you also need to be able to get the importance across to others. TV show producer Brant Pinvidic has come up with a system that helps entrepreneurs make better presentations about their business ideas. Read more

There is much confusion over what exactly is meant by “machine learning.” Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence which uses large data sets to make decisions. This is different from a more traditional AI system which uses a programmed set of rules in decision-making. Read more

Being a business leader is a very tough thing to do and accomplish. But in the long run, if you stick with it and keep your mind determined on the goal at hand, it can be worth your time in many different ways. The University of Chicago’s Richard Thaler, who is a Nobel laureate in economics, gives a lot of lessons to people who want be a business leader and begin the road of entrepreneurship. Read more

It is important to have a crisis management playbook so you can know what to do when the worst happens. Every CIO has to deal with system outages. More and more of them have endured cyber attacks. Former JPMorgan Chase CIO Dana Deasy had dealt with adversity and one interesting thing to note is that most of the bad things they dealt with had nothing to do with technology. Read more

Whether you’re looking to get a job or want others to take exciting new research seriously, simply saying you’re an expert is not enough. You have to prove it, to show rather than just tell. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do this, but several strategies are particularly good at letting you skills and knowledge shine. Read more

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